Daily painting by Penelope Milner

Daily Painting


Welcome to my new daily painting blog, a showcase for my small scale paintings.
I have been working as a practising artist now since leaving art school in the 1980s.

I chose to move to France in 1989, where there was space and property cheap enough to set up a home and a studio, however, living far from the city creates certain practical difficulties for artists, but now the internet can be used as a vehicle for direct communicating between artists, buyers and art-lovers. Many artists and musicians are interacting with their public in new ways. There seems to be an inevitability about the movement to sell and share art on-line.

I have been inspired in particular by Carole Marine and Duane Keiser.



Over the last few years I have taught myself to paint on a small scale, initially in response to the ‘111 des arts’ in Toulouse, where artists produce pictures of a 20x20cm format. Up until this time I had always worked on a large scale. To some extent this felt natural to me but I also believed, I think, that ‘real’ art must be big in order to impress.

I still continue to do large scale pieces from time to time, as well as portrait commissions, but limiting my scale has many advantages :

Sunlight moves quickly, and the subject changes accordingly, a small painting allows for a quick response to the scene.

In my portraits I’m forced to work faster, aiming at the essentials of a likeness.

I can allow myself the freedom to explore far more subjects, I have always tried to avoid being ‘pinned down’ to particular themes and to respond immediately to my environment, depending on the mood, the weather, the light that day.
Without gallery commissions and framing charges I am proposing my small daily painting works for sale at lower prices than would otherwise be possible.

To contact me by mail: penemilner@gmail.com