In the studio

The lovely thing about doing these a small still life, is that it allows me to explore different shapes, colours and textures. While the weather is still dull I’ve been enjoying playing around with compositions in the studio. Sometimes it takes an hour of moving a walnut centimetres right or left and changing, just a fraction, the direction of the light source.

still life Penelope Milner

fin de la journée. oil on board.

The end of a painting session in the studio, with a glass of Cahors wine made a nice subject. I’ve begun applying the oil quite thickly with a palette knife in places. Doing paint in paint is very satisfying.

Penelope Milner. Eynsham

aperitif. oil on board


Penelope Milner. Still life

Vin d’Alsace. oil on board

Here’s the last one, finished this afternoon: white wine and garlic on the old wooden studio table.

In these last two paintings I wanted to move back to a simplicity and a more restrained palette. I was concentrating on paint texture and specifically on conveying the glow of colour on the table as the light shines through the liquid in the glass.

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