Sombre mood

Sombre mood

Daily painting still life by the window with roses, china and orchid.

January 11th


daily painting still life

sombre mood. 20×20. Oil

This still life of roses at the window was painted in the house. The weather is dull and rainy. There was so little light that I was obliged to keep on the artificial light which gives an orange glow to the roses and bounces off the surface of the china vase and bowl. It’s always difficult to get the tones right between the inside and the outside in an image like this. The light on the garden was constantly changing but I like the rather sombre mood created by the blue under-painting.

2 Responses to “Sombre mood

  • i like this very much and the blue underpainting does the right thing for the mood, great work Penny. i am impressed with your blog and great that you have found the time to do it. i’m heading that way as i have two major exhibitions this year and it would be good to have some record of the development process…….

    • Penelope
      4 years ago

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment Val. I think the blog is worth doing, as you say, it’s a way of tracking my own development at least, and it helps with publicising the teaching. I’m not sure I’ll want to spend this long at the computer when the weather is better and I can be outside! Good luck with your exhibitions. I love what you are doing.

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