Spring days

Spring days, painting the landscape.

As we paint, our vision subtly changes and we perceive the world differently.
Two springs ago, all I could see were tree shadows, projected everywhere, on walls, on houses, on the ground. It was a kind of Alice in Wonderland thing. I’d ‘seen’ them before, of course, but suddenly they appeared to be more real than everything around them.
But I couldn’t paint fast enough to keep up with all the visual ideas I was storing in my head.

Put l'eveque art

Journey beginning. pastel. 25×25

We’ve had so much rain this spring, and only fleeting moments of the intense new light which wakes us from winter.
I’ve used my own studio light to bring the small still lives to life.
Painting the glasses in the studio was pure joy, but even more joyous is walking in the landscape and feeling knocked-out by compositions which form them selves in front of me.

On Sunday we had one of those beautiful spring days. In the afternoon and early evening I went sketching along the footpath towards the Baldy farm. I’ve recently become focused on the orangness of the branches of winter trees when the light is low and the sky appears practically violet behind them. (Two complementary colours which vibrate if you stare long enough, at the best, the sky is just a touch tonally darker than the tree tops)
And then, turning back towards home, the sun was sinking, and that creates the fascinating problem of how to portray such intensity in paint or pastel. We’re told not to look at the sun. I don’t know… but when it’s half obscures by the tree branches like this, it’s just possible to try to represent something of the feeling of that explosion of light.

Catus landscape

Journey ending. pastel. 25×25


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